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Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIPs) programs

The Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) program is a great way to learn how to recognize the warning signs of sexual violence, what you can do to respond and stop it if you see it occurring, and how you can change the culture that makes these crimes acceptable!

All incoming students are required to attend at least one Sexual Violence Prevention Training. At other institutions, you can expect a boring online module filled with generic examples and fake interactivity. You won't find any vaguely human-like robot narrators at UC Merced! All our VIPs are in-person, fun, and interactive!

Our VIPs include:

  • Bad Ads

    Learn how the advertisements around us contribute to rape culture by playing Bad Ads Bingo! Analyze ads and talk to your peers about the impacts of seeing violence around us, on TV, and movies.

  • Miro y Vivo (bilingual)

    Spanish speakers, come ready to discuss some of your favorite telenovelas! Learn to recognize how telenovelas influence the Latinx community, how they create a rape culture, and how to be a social agent consumer

  • What's Your Media Feeding You?

    Learn about how the media portrays healthy and unhealthy relationships. Find out if you're getting a balanced diet!

  • OMG Quit FB Lurking!

    Our society normalizes and romanticizes stalking. Learn what you can do to stop it and create a society that fights back by re-evaluating everyday behaviors!

Students that do not fulfill their requirement may face consequences, including a Dean of Students Hold on their class registration. So don't wait! Attend a VIP and learn how you help prevent sexual violence in our communities!

If you have questions, email us at

VIP Written Assignment

If you are required to submit a written assignment, please follow the link for instructions:

VIP Written Assignment Instructions