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Lactation Rooms

These are private, clean, and safe areas for the purpose of expressing breast milk and/or breastfeeding. The space will be in close proximity to the nursing mother's work area, generally not more than a 5 - 7-minute walk.

On-Campus Sites

  • Kolligian Library 1st floor adjacent to the woman's restroom (has a refrigerator) - For access, please see Access Request for UCM Lactation Rooms
  • Social Sciences and Management Building (SSM): 2nd floor 214 (has a refrigerator)
  • Student Services Building (SSB): 2nd floor next to restrooms - Room #2T3 (has a refrigerator)
  • Classroom and Office Building 2 (COB 2): 3rd floor 3T3 across from 312
  • Science and Engineering Building 2: 3rd floor, SOE2-312 (has a refrigerator)
  • Student Activities and Athletics Center (SAAC): 1st floor Women's bathroom
  •  Glacier Point room# 118 (locks from inside & it is inside a hallway)


Off-Campus Sites

  • Castle: Room 108
  • Fresno Center: 2nd Floor, Suite 230, Office 26
  • Merced Tri-College Center: From the reception area main entrance, the Lactation Room is the 2nd door on your right, room #TC3-E
  • Parcade: Room 133
  • Promenade: Suite M, Room 130


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Lactation Consultants