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Mandatory Prevention Education Programs/VIP

CARE’s VIP (Violence Intervention and Prevention) programs are the best way to get a crash course in recognizing the signs of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking; stepping in and speaking out against these crimes; and what you can do to prevent them from happening in the first place. All incoming students, regardless of UC campus, are required to attend at least one VIP Program, but there are a few points that set UC Merced apart from the others:
  • All of our programs are in person: Each of our programs is fun and interactive. You won’t find any ambiguously human computer-narrator ladies here!
  • We have over 50 time slots spanning morning, afternoons, nights and weekends: There’s sure to be at least one that fits your schedule!
  • We’re multilingual: Select programs are presented in Spanish, with more languages planned for the future!

Our programs include:

  • Head’s Up: Ellen’s favorite game gets an update with violence prevention! Head’s Up! It’s your turn to speak out!
  • What’s Your Media Feeding You?: Check out our program about how the media portrays healthy and unhealthy relationships. Find out if you’re getting a healthy diet!
  • Speak Out!: Join Steven and Connie to learn about power and control, gender stereotypes and how to help a friend regarding sexual violence. Learn how to use your voice to speak out! Be forewarned — minor Steven Universe Spoilers within.

All incoming students are required to attend at least one mandatory prevention education program.

Graduate students are reached during the Graduate Orientation Week (GROW).

Contact the program coordinator if you did not attend any of the scheduled VIP sessions.