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FSL Programs

All fraternities and sororities are required to take a 40 minute long program regarding Interpersonal/Gender-based Violence.

The purpose of this program is to promote positive social norms in the FSL community i.e. bystander intervention, supporting survivors of violence, holding people accountable for their words/actions, and creating a culture that does not tolerate violence.

To schedule this program, please contact with the following information:

  • The program you are requesting
  • The name of your organization and the number of members
  • Your name and contact information (the person requesting the program)  
  • At least 3 preferred dates to host the program
    • Include the date, time and location of your meetings
  • Whether your meeting location has technology (i.e projector, sound, wifi, etc)

*Fraternities and sororities must also fill out a form on the Fraternity and Sororioty Life website, listed under Programs>FSL Required Programs. The form can be accessed here.  Select "Interpersonal/Gender-Based Violence (40 minutes)" for our program.