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Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education

How to Intervene

To prevent stalking, dating/domestic violence and sexual assault from occurring, we must address the root causes of the violence. These crimes are committed by individuals with learned behaviors of power and control, which they then use in their relationships. All of us can take a stand to prevent violence by confronting violent beliefs and attitudes before the violent actions occur.

VOICES Encourage you to intervene

What Can YOU Do?

  • Use any of the "3 Ds" when you see or hear something that looks like your intervention could help.
    • Direct: Approach the situation.
    • Distract: Create a distraction to diffuse the situation.
    • Delegate: Seek assistance from others (friends, authority figures, etc.).
  • Hold perpetrators accountable for their choices to harm others by speaking up against their actions.
  • Challenge victim-blaming statements and jokes about rape, stalking and abusive relationships in classes, practices, games and activities.
  • Attend educational programs and trainings to learn more about the complexities of these issues.
  • Model healthy relationships and interactions with others.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Volunteer with the CARE Office or the Valley Crisis Center.
  • Promote posters, fliers, brochures and buttons from the CARE Office or the Valley Crisis Center.