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Domestic Violence Awareness Month CARES Boxes

1 in 3 families in Merced County will experience domestic violence. Oftentimes, survivors leave their abusers without essential items such as a change of clothes, diapers or hygiene items.

With your department, Coworkers, Student Group or Friends, sponsor a UC Merced CAREs Box of essentials for Survivors of violence entering the Valley Crisis Center Shelter during October Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

To participate, click HERE.

Boxes List

​​Hygiene/Toiletries Items


-Dry Shampoo









-Hair products

-Facial products: mascara, lipstick etc.

-Feminine Products

-Lavender Oil







-Infant toys





-Bras/Sports Bras

-Stretchy Pants (Leggings)





-Flip flops









-Flip flops

School Supplies

-Coloring Books

-Coloring pencils




-Laundry Detergent

-Dryer Sheets

-Pillow Cases

-Fleece Blankets