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FSL Programs

All fraternities and sororities are required to take a 60 minute long program regarding Interpersonal/Gender-based Violence.

The purpose of this program is to promote positive social norms in the FSL community such as bystander intervention, supporting survivors of violence, holding people accountable for their words/actions, and creating a culture that does not tolerate violence.

To schedule this program, please contact with the following information:

  • The program you are requesting
  • The name of your organization and the number of members
  • Your name and contact information (the person requesting the program)  
  • At least 3 preferred dates to host the program
    • Include the date, time and location of your meetings
  • Whether your meeting location has technology (i.e projector, sound, wifi, etc)

*Fraternities and sororities must also fill out a form on the Fraternity and Sororioty Life website, listed under Programs>FSL Required Programs. The form can be accessed here.  Select "Interpersonal/Gender-Based Violence (60 minutes)" for our program.