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Resources For Graduate Students

Graduate students are unique to the campus community. We understand that many grad students work closely with undergraduates on a regular basis. Often undergrads will view their TA as someone they can trust and will disclose personal information such experiences of interpersonal violence. The campus advocate can help processing the disclosure and provide the appropriate referrals and resources.

We understand that grad students can also experience things such stalking or harassment, dating/domestic violence and sexual violence. The campus advocate is available to provide services when needed. As an employee of Valley Crisis Center, the advocate is available to meet with a survivor on campus, off campus in a safe location, and at the Crisis Center’s main office location in Merced.

Most of the resources listed under the Resources tab and the Reporting Options subtab are available to graduate students.

Links of printable resources:

Step-by-Step Guide to Supporting Survivors

CARE Resource Handout

Resource and Referral Options