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Ways for Graduate Students to Prevent Violence

Here are some ways graduate students can prevent violence:

  • Be mindful of the language you use and the jokes you may make.
  • Speak out when you hear victim-blaming statements or inappropriate jokes.
  • Participate in CARE events yourself.
  • Practice your response protocol in the event of a disclosure.
  • Become a Peer Educator or CARE Campus Collaborator.
  • Advertise CARE events and encourage your students, student-staff, or co-workers to attend them. Offer extra credit when possible.
  • Practice your response protocol in the event of a disclosure.
  • Know what resources are available for survivors of violence.
  • Book a Class Announcement.
  • Include content warnings for sensitive content when possible.
  • Encourage fellow students to discuss topics of sexism, rape culture and sexual violence in our media.
  • Display posters or resources in your office from our events or campaigns.
  • Collaborate with the CARE Office to incorporate prevention discussion into your curriculum and programming, where applicable.
  • Participate in donation drives and fundraisers to support survivors in our community such as our Domestic Violence donation drive in October and The Vagina Monologues in April. 
  • Volunteer with local organizations such as Valley Crisis Center.